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       Taking the Homeless Census

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Romance with Small-Time Crooks


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Alexis Ivy is a 2018 recipient of the Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship in Poetry.  Her first poetry collection, Romance with Small-Time Crooks was published in 2013 by BlazeVOX [book] and her second collection, Taking the Homeless Census (Saturnalia Books, 2020) won the 2018 Editors Prize at Saturnalia Books. Her most recent poems have appeared in Poet Lore, Sugar House Review, Saranac Review, and Poetry East.  ​She teaches in the PoemWorks Community in Boston.




Ivy’s poems are sharp and unflinching…there’s a dangerous beauty in all the dangerous and dirty corners.


-Karen Weyant,

Rain Taxi Review of Books


…Ivy points to the universal human experience whenever she can, reminding us that the grittiness is not so far removed from anything or anyone else.


-Anne Champion, [PANK] Magazine

The poems of a survivor who sheds her delusions, poem by poem, as she investigates her life with honesty and courage and a poetic gift that comes damn close to redeeming it all—redeeming us all.   


-Richard Hoffman, author of Emblem



PAST 2021


New Orleans Poetry Festival

Reading with Saturnalia Poets

Kristi Maxwell, Kayleb Rae Candrilli, Timothy Liu

April 15, 2021, 8:00 pm EST

join on Zoom:

details at:


Defunkt Magazine

Friday, May 7th 8pm


Boston Book Festival's Lit Crawl

June 10th 6pm-9pm

Central Square, Cambridge









Each form (Formal & Untraditional) workshop will come with a “how-to” packet that has definitions, activities, and poem examples to review before we meet.  Our class will consist of discussing the themed form, tips in writing that form, and more in-depth discussions on published poems that use the style of our themed class.  We also will do a short activity as a group.  We then will workshop for the second half of class.  Bring a poem of yours with the workshop theme. The classes will be small so we can spend time with the teaching of these forms as well as pay closer attention to your work as a poem and as a structure during our time together. 

FORMAL    Not one bit boring or tedious---traditional poems will be discussed and workshopped.   Villanelle, sonnet, pantoum, ghazal, palindrome, duplex, sestina, triolet.  You get the idea.  We are working with the rhymed and/or patterned tight knit poems. 

UNTRADITIONAL   A poem can be anywhere you just need to find it, hone it, take it, break it!  Use forms such as persona, ekphrasis, erasure, found poem, cento Make art on the page or create a hidden poem within your poem. Bring anything without rhyme or pattern that has something to it.  Acrostic, concrete, golden shovel, abecedarian, contrapuntal. 



GENERATIVE   The class will consist of a series of writing prompts-- lots of writing for new poem beginnings! This is the 'shop if you're looking to get some new material cooking.  Bring paper, a writing utensil and imagination.





Regular workshops on Tuesdays, 7pm-9:30, all on Zoom, max of 8 participants


January 10, 24, 31, February 21, 28, March 14, 28


Form workshops, zoom and in person, max of 6 participants:


Tuesday January 17th 7pm-9:30 (zoom) FORMAL

Sunday January 29th 2pm-4:30 (in person) UNTRADITIONAL

Sunday February 26th 2pm-4:30 (in person) FORMAL

Tuesday March 21th 7pm-9:30 (zoom) UNTRADITIONAL


Generative workshops, zoom and in person, max of 8 participants:


Tuesday February 7th 7pm-9 (zoom)

Sunday April 2nd 2pm-4 (in person)



all 13 workshops (7 regulars, 4 forms, 2 generative):  $500

all 7 regular workshops: $300

      4 regular workshops: $180

all 6 specialty (4 forms, 2 generative): $300

      3 specialty (2 forms, 1 generative): $160


a la carte:

1 form workshop: $60

1 generative workshop: $45

1 regular workshop: $50




For any inquiries, please contact Alexis Ivy:

Alexis teaches in the PoemWorks community.  For information regarding upcoming workshops and/or to schedule private sessions please query by email

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